Open Source Software

In many cases, making a software project open source makes sense even for companies. Just looking at costs, it is cheaper to use Linux + Apache to run a web server rather than spent lots of money to buy Microsoft’s closed source equivalents. But the main reason open source software is better than closed source is the freedom and reliability. If someone finds a security hole in Apache or Linux, it will get patched quickly since anyone can submit a patch, whereas if someone finds a security hole in Windows Server 2008, it might be a few months before that security hole is even acknowledged, let alone fixed. This also means that fewer bugs in general exist for these large open source projects just by the very nature of having the code being constantly peer-reviewed by thousands of people. I think the only major segment of consumer software that doesn’t have widespread open source equivalents is in computer games like Starcraft 2. Besides that though, there are viable open source equivalents for operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, web browsers, video players, etc. and I think soon we might just realize the dream of the year of the Linux desktop.

A different kind of Apache


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